How To Plan your Log Home

How To Plan your Log Home

How To Plan Your Log Home

The first step toward your log home is planning and invariably you have already begun doing some of your homework, or you wouldn’t be reading this. Essentially this article will break down the planning process and certain focus points that will help set you and your family down a path to success. These points are:


  • Livability
  • Site Planning
  • Exterior Design/Functionality
  • Interior Design/Functionality

At a later time we will be breaking down each of these major points into small categories that will allow you to analyze your needs in more depth and eventually lead you to a concise and well-developed idea that you will be able to take to an architect, manufacturer, or contractor in a seamless transition to the building stage.



Livability is a phase that brings with it many implications. The premise of what you should be trying to achieve during this phase of planning is to develop the overview of what led you to the planning of your log home. Don’t be afraid to sit down with your loved ones and create a list of reasons why this venture is right for you. More precisely it is my experience that you should focus on:


  • What kind of lifestyle do we expect?
  • How often will our home be occupied?
  • Will we be the only occupants or are friends and family going to be frequently visiting?
  • We will we be performing the maintenance?


Site Planning

Site planning can have a massive impact on lifestyle, budget, and scheduling. The importance of your site planning process cannot be understated and should be rigorously reviewed throughout every stage of planning. Ensure that all your decision maker’s opinions are heard (yes this includes the kids). There is a lot to consider from many different aspects. Some of the top questions should be:


  • Do we enjoy the serenity of nature or the convenience of town?
  • Do we want to be near mountains, rivers, lakes, on the plains, or is there a way to have it all?
  • What kind of weather suites the lifestyle we want?
  • If this will be a secondary home, how long will it take to get from door to door?
  • How will the site be accessed and are we willing to drive on gravel or build a new access road?
  • How will utilities be supplied and what pricing is justifiable?


Exterior Design/Functionality

This planning process is derived from simple questions like, why do you like that house. But the truth is every log home has a distinct style and elegance. This balance is started in the site planning process and continues through the coordination of natural surroundings, the homes physical traits, out building or outdoor living space configuration, and the landscape design. Initial questions will gain speed quick as exterior aesthetic is often an essential driving force for every project. Questioning should begin with:

  • Does our site planning match the needs of our house?
  • Are we hiring an architect or are we buying a kit home?
  • What are the primary architectural details that appeal to our family?
  • What kind of outdoor living spaces would we like?
  • What kind of landscape do we like and what kind matches the region?
  • How much and what kind of privacy do we want?


Interior Design/Functionality

A log home is not just about the feel of the natural environment outside the house but also the inside. The functions of your home should strike a balance with the interior design. If this is your second home, how many people does your home need to sleep? If this is your primary home, then how many rooms do you need? These questions pose two very different situations and the distinction makes all the difference. Beyond just the primary and secondary residence other questions need to be seriously considered:


  • If we aren’t building a complete custom home how do we make design changes?
  • What is more important large living areas, more bedrooms, or bigger bedrooms?
  • Do we have a specific architectural detail that we want?
  • Does our home need food reservation storage?
  • Does your family have special needs and how do we accommodate those with special needs?


Wrapping-up the Initial Planning

These questions will lead to deeper and deeper questions which will guide you towards an extensive and precise plan. The planning process plays a direct role in the construction process and will pay itself back two-fold when ground is broken. We look forward to diving into each of the Livability, Site, Exterior Design/Functionality, and Interior Design/Functionality planning process with you further in their respective breakdowns.



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