How To Build A Log Home

How To Build A Log Home

How To Build A Log Home

Construction time…let the excitement begin!

Congratulations! We are glad a log home is a part of your family dream. These are exciting times with a steep learning curve laid out before you. Throughout this section we will be highlighting a number of areas that every owner should approach intelligently and cautiously. We advise you to seek professional guidance if at any point in this planning period you feel that you are in over your head. The best part about this stage is the fact that you can be as proactive and informed as you want or you can be as laid-back and carefree as you like. On one hand you have an owner/contractor while on the other you have a licensed, experienced, and reputable log home builder in the trenches for you.


Our construction planning will focus on:


  • Site Purchasing
  • Builder Options
  • Reputability and Contractor Selection
  • Contract Negotiations

As with previous planning sections we will focus on the overview of what each of these sections should mean to you. In their respective articles each focal point will be broken down to greater depth which will lead you from the initial ground break date through your family’s first full day at their new home.


Site Planning

Once again site planning lands high on our list. This is the vital first step in the construction planning phase. As with any planning stage, a series of questions will lead to a vision linked with continuity that will preserve the spirit of the home through decades of use. When considering site planning under the construction planning stage you must focus on breathing life into the concepts your family developed at the Log Home Planning stage. With this in mind these questions should play a key part:


  • Should we hire a real estate agent to represent us and our interest?
  • Would we like to be part of a planned community?
  • Is our home on a restrictive timeline or do we have flexibility in our building schedule?
  • If a contractor has already been selected, does our contractor own the site? Do they have a site in mind?


Builder Options

This section may or may not be sequential in relation to the layout of this article. You may have a builder in mind or you may know that you would like to be an owner/contractor. Chances are you have thought about which option best suits your family’s situation and here we can make sure that you have appropriately assessed the positives of both options. Remember there is no such thing as too much planning and no assumptions should be made. This is a VERY big question for your family and it will be studied at an appropriate depth during future individual breakdowns. For now we will review the primary questions your family should be thinking about:


  • How involved in the building process does our family want to be?
  • What is an owner/contractor?
  • What are the roles and benefits of hiring a specialty log home planner/builder?
  • What are the roles and benefits of hiring a local general contractor/home builder?


Reputability and Contractor Selection

With reputability and contractor selection an owner needs to be both objective and instinctual. It is our view that the quality of contractors can vary wildly and make log home building an absolute delight or quite frustrating. Your family should never feel like they are asking a contractor too many questions or that they are too concerned about the details. A contractor’s attention to detail is a key aspect to the completion of your family’s dream and this should not be handled recklessly. Questions your family should come to a unanimous decision on are:

  • Firstly, and most importantly, do we feel comfortable letting this contractor handle our dream?
  • Have we ensured that the contractor is reputable through referencing and background checks?
  • Is the presentation of the contractor professional, knowledgeable, and reliable?
  • Have we received a full quote for the scope of work to be complete?


Contract Negotiations

No fine points of contract negotiation will be touched on here. We will approach this from a relatively broad view and through this give you and your family a better understanding of things to be aware of:

  • Where does this estimate lay when compared to other estimates we have received?
  • Does the estimate cover the complete scope of work to include a satisfactory completion date?
  • Do the bid and estimate meet and compliment the requirements of the schedule?
  • What is the scheduled pay out plan and what does a common schedule payment plan look like?
  • Is site safety adequately addressed and assessed?
  • Is the contractor appropriately bonded for the work they are to complete?
  • Does the proposed contract protect our family from poor workmanship and unfinished work?


Though the planning of the construction of your log home is a complex and at times daunting task, you should not become overwhelmed as resources and references are aplenty. Furthermore, the construction industry is full of wonderful, caring, and hardworking people just waiting to help your family meet and exceed any expectation you may have for your dream log home. You can also look forward to gaining more insight into each of these issues right here through our blog. Remember planning is the key to your family’s success!


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