Welcome to Our Blog!

Welcome to Our Blog!

Author/Project Manager Jared "J8W" Wheatley of CedarLogCabinKits.comWelcome to our blog section.

This section is new to you and us! Essentially we will be using our blog section for:

The plan is to have multiple contributors with varied skill sets and differing focuses. That doesn’t mean contributor content will be rigidly focused on one aspect, it just means that we each think for a slightly different perspective.

Getting down to my own profile, I am analytically driven and work within the construction industry as a Project Controls Specialist (essentially I am project support to ensure budgets and schedule are followed). My background leads me to look more at the logistics and planning development more than some others you may hear from, but let it be known that architecture is my secret passion and design philosophy will pass through my columns from time to time.

Beyond my profession, I am both a husband and a father. As you may imagine, this leads to a relatively busy and action packed life. Since, my family is my distinct inspiration their concerns and ideas will also play a substantial role in the development of my columns as well.

Well it was nice to tell you a bit about myself. I look forward to writing more and hopefully providing useful insight as well as creativity inspiration.

Until that time,


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